Dart and the Alexander Technique 

Post-Graduate Course

How Dart and Alexander Connect and Support Each Other 

for Teachers and Trainees of the Alexander Technique

This course will explore the classical Dart Procedures developed by Joan and Alex Murray, providing a thorough investigation of the Procedures and their underlying principles. Each session will include work with the Procedures, theoretical understanding, and a variety of practical applications. The four-part workshop series is designed to facilitate your understanding of how to integrate this information into your teaching of the Alexander Technique.

Faculty:  Katherine Mitchell, Rebecca Nettl-Fiol, Ann Rodiger, Luc Vanier

At least two faculty will be present each weekend. All 4 faculty will be present the final weekend.

All faculty have trained extensively over many years with Joan and Alex Murray.

Due to popular demand and scheduling considerations, you are now able to register for individual weekends, as well as the whole series:

Feb. 20-22: Luc Vanier and Ann Rodiger

The “classical” Dart Procedures sequence as developed by Joan and Alex Murray will be the focus of this weekend.  

Mar. 20-22: Rebecca Nettl-Fiol and Ann Rodiger

The weekend will expand on, unpack further explore the Dart Procedures with continued exploration of primary and secondary curves as well as spirals.

April 17-19: Katherine Mitchell and Ann Rodiger

We’ll explore the useful interplay between the Dart procedures and Alexander Technique principles and basic teaching procedures, within the context of giving an Alexander Technique lesson. For example, we’ll look at inhibition, direction, monkey, hands on the back of the chair, and whispered ah.

May 15-17: Luc Vanier, Rebecca Nettl-Fiol, Katherine Mitchell, Ann Rodiger

Continued exploration and integration of Dart and AT principles. Application to everyday life will be the focus of this weekend. We will also look at interests of students in the course. All four faculty members will be on hand to continue our work.

Fee: $1800 for all 4 weekends

        or $475 per weekends


Enrollment is limited.

For more information go to contact us:


Ann Rodiger: 646-526-6515