Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and the Alexander Technique

A Free Introductory Seminar

***POSTPONED*** Saturday, October 1


10 am - noon


Balance Arts Center

34 W 28th St. 3rd floor

New York City


The Alexander Technique (AT) is an educational method that helps the student develop awareness of their body and its habitual patterns, enabling them to make safer, more efficient physical choices. With the help of a teacher, the student begins to learn how their body functions, and takes on an active role in deciding how to use it. Throughout each lesson, the teacher offers verbal instruction and hands-on guidance. Making small adjustments to how the student is thinking of and using their body can make a big difference in pain, fatigue, and injury. Over time, coordination improves and the student learns how to “direct” their body during movement and at rest.

For those with EDS, a major benefit of AT is the reduction of pressure on the joints and thus the redistribution of muscular tone. By maintaining a pliable musculature instead of gripping - which is a very common response to instability - students improve alignment naturally and gradually and avoid forcing “good posture”. As muscle tone spreads evenly and appropriately through the body, knots are released and passive areas are activated. As their awareness increases, students learn how to find the “middle ground” in every movement, so as not to extend their ligaments even further and damage them more. Alexander Technique teachers who are familiar with EDS can help hypermobile students find stability within their instability, creating greater fluidity and ease. While far from a cure, AT lessons with a qualified, informed teacher can dramatically improve the quality of life for EDS individuals.


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