Emotions and the Alexander Technique: A Workshop for Teachers

Saturday, January 24, 2015

2-5 pm

Intrinsic to the Alexander Technique are features such as touch, an empathic student/teacher relationship, experiential learning, and the potential for rewiring brain chemistry to reflect novel physical and psychological experiences. Psychologists, neuroscientists, and attachment theorists and other mental health professionals are discovering that these very elements are essential to effectively treat emotional issues.

Research studies addressing the Alexander Technique and mental health as well as anecdotal findings suggest that Alexander students are experiencing relief from symptoms of anxiety and depression as well as an overall sense of well-being. Yet mental health is not within the traditional paradigm of the Alexander Technique and has consequently generated little discussion.

In this workshop, Elizabeth will discuss the impact of the Alexander Technique on anxiety, depression and trauma. Participants will learn to raise awareness of the potential for emotional issues to arise with students and how to identify them. They will learn to gain confidence to allow room for the Alexander work to be effective in helping facilitate emotional change. 



Elizabeth A. Buonomo