Freedom for Acting: Acting and Alexander Technique

Comprehensive 9-week course - 2015

Classes and Online learning for actors, teachers and coaches


Discover the impact of the principles behind the Alexander Technique. Build your craft, and transform it: You will learn to enliven your presence, deepen your sensitivity and embrace your authenticity.

“Your continued and successful tutelage in getting me to relax, loosen up, and embrace my uniqueness contributed enormously to my success.” – Rick Johnston, actor in NYC, on booking a role.

Our goal is to make learning about Acting and the Alexander Technique available to you wherever you are, whenever you have time. We have put together 18 hours of instruction so that you can continue to study with master teachers of the Alexander Technique throughout the year.

This progressive series is based on the Alexander Technique and specifically focused for performers.      

  • Take the class live, join us in the studio in NYC 
  • or take the class through streaming video from another location: observe, follow along and try out the material on your own or with a group of fellow actors
  • 6-months of access to video of each class to review and practice on your own.
  • Receive downloadable materials for independent self-study.  

Upon completion of the full course you will receive a Certificate of Study from the Balance Arts Center and AT Motion following the completion of the course.


Class Schedule and Topics  

Option A.  Studio Class (limited enrollment)

Option B.  Online Full Course  - all 9 sessions

Option C.  Online One individual session


Session 1: January 31  -  AT and Acting Introduction  with Belinda Mello and Ann Rodiger

Session 2: February 7 - Building Awareness: Know Your Parts, Find Your Space,  Refine Your with Belinda Mello and Ann Rodiger 

Session 3: February 14 - Jessica Wolf’s Art of Breathing with Jessica Wolf

Session 4: February 28 - Directing Yourself with Meade Andrews

Session 5: March 14 -  Words, Words, Words: Voice Part 1 with Ann Rodiger

Session 6: March 28 -  The Actor’s Secret with Betsy Polatin

Session 7: April 11 - Voice Part II:  Singing  with Kathryn Armour

Session 8: April 25 - Emotional Availability  with Belinda Mello

Session 9:   May 9 - Putting It All Together with Belinda Mello and Ann Rodiger



Please sign me up for the Introductory session only on January 31.  

Student Rates:

Option A:   Studio Class (full package):  $250   

Option B:   Online Course:  $225

Option C:  Online individual session:  $35


Extension of 3 month viewing:  $25/month for individuals  

Extension of 3 month viewing for Institutions:  $200/month

Institutional Price:  $1,500 (unlimited viewers)

Extension of 3 month viewing:  $25/month for individuals

Extension of 3 month viewing for Institutions:  $200/month


For institutional and student rates please visit the 

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