FREEDOM TO MAKE MUSIC: Alexander Technique Conference for Instrumentalists and Singers

 March 23-25, 2018

Developed by Ann Rodiger and Ariel Weiss

Balance Arts Center, 34 W. 28th St. 3rd floor, New York, NY


Free and easy music can be magical and transforming. This conference is designed for performers, teachers and students of music, as well as as Alexander Technique teachers and trainees to come together to explore how helping musicians find freedom helps them to make their best music. We invite you to discover how you, as part of the musical equation, can participate more fully in the musical experience.

The Alexander Technique offers both fundamental and refined concepts and instructions that can help support you in your learning and growth as a musician and performer. It helps build your awareness of “how” you make music so your musical intentions are better realized.

The conference will have general sessions applicable to all musicians as well as sessions for four specific tracks: vocalists, pianists, string and wind players.  Come bring your instruments and make music!


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Email: info@balanceartscenter.com  

Voicemail: 646-526-6515



Balance Arts Center

34 W. 28th St. 3rd floor

NY, NY 10001