Performance Practices - NYC

March 20th-23rd, 2014 


John Norris and Ann Rodiger will be joined by Claude Webster to offer a 3 1/2 day Performance Practices Workshop in NYC Thursday evening, March 20th through Sunday afternoon March 23rd. The weekend will focus on your vocal performance and how your mind and body participate in your overall presentation. Each day will include a warm up with Ann and John, private sessions, and master classes or presentation. You will have a chance to sing for everyone.

John brings his own method for helping singers connect to their bodies and their voices. His process of exploration leads to many discoveries and new choices that enable the singer to truly enter into an emotional, physical, and mental connectivity to his or her characters. 

John Norris working with a student.

Ann works with the voice through the lens of the Alexander Technique which includes the body and how you are attending to the vocal and performance processes. Ann assists you in building an awareness of your habits of learning and thinking and then provides a process for change in the moment of action. She works in detail with the head, neck, tongue and jaw and how to integrate them with the airflow and overall use of your instrument. Ann guides you to experience your whole field of awareness - local and global so you have many sensory resources available to you while you practice and perform. Each individual session moves from your warm up into full singing.

Ann Rodiger working with a student.

Claude facilitates everyone in setting their goals for performance. He helps everyone identify their needs needs regarding the mental preparation of the performance. As a certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and hypnosis coach, Claude will use all the tools he has developed over the years to help you to perform at your best. Combining this with his skill as a vocal coach, he'll make sure you can translate those goals into concrete steps, whether vocally, physically or musically. 

Claude Webster

At the Daily Warm-Ups, the most important part of the day at the workshop, singers practice integrating what they’re discovering throughout the day, and experience greater awareness of themselves and how to connect with their environments and by focusing on connection to breath and the resonance chambers of the body, participants experience singing and performing as a full-body activity.

Enrollment is limited so please reserve your place in the workshop with a deposit of $100.

Location:  The Balance Arts Center, 34 W. 28th St. 3rd floor; New York, NY 10001 

Phone:  646-526-6515

Workshop Fee: $350 before and on March 1st. $400 after March 1st.