Tai chi is a physical and mental art form that originated in China, with roots reaching back into antiquity. Physically, it uses continuous, flowing postures to loosen ligaments, strengthen muscles, enhance balance, increase circulation, and massage the inner organs. Mentally, we work to develop an open and aware mind, emphasizing principles of naturalness, balance, and relaxation.

Dan Baum

Typical tai chi classes include form practice, stretching, warm-up exercises, push-hands, and meditation. No prior experience is needed or expected, and beginners are always welcome. The practice is accessible for people of all ages, body types, and fitness levels and the material covered in all classes is tailored to each person’s needs. Those participants seeking a more meditative or healing practice can take the steps and movements at their own pace, focusing on their mental state or sensitive areas. Those who seek a more rigorous physical workout can stand lower, move faster, and drill more to push themselves as hard as they choose and engage with tai chi’s martial arts elements.