Biotensegrity and the Alexander Technique: Suspended Support in Activity

Lecture/Workshop with Carol Boggs

Friday, March 18  11:00 am - 12:30 pm EDT

via live broadcast from New York City

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If you will be viewing workshop online, please email with your address and she will send instructions for viewing online---and a model kit will be mailed to you for the workshop.

During the lecture Carol Boggs  will speak about how Biotensegrity sheds a new light on understanding functional anatomy. Using this model we can more clearly see how postural disturbances upset the optimal dynamic act of balancing. The interplay of the tensile forces of the musculature and fascia interacting with the spacers or struts of the bones  creates a suspended support rather than a stacked arrangement. In short we are free-standing biotensegrity systems. Of course the fine tuning of this system is where AT practices can make the best use of an already well designed, dynamic system. The best way to enter into understanding these concepts is to build a model - kits will be provided for an in-class build. In addition, we will apply these principles by exploring hands-on AT teaching and have an opportunity to address questions.

Carol Boggs has been teaching the Alexander Technique since 1980 and an AmSAT member since 1990. She practices in greater Washington DC., has offered AT classes for both the Vocal Studies and Dance Departments at George Mason University, and has joined faculties teaching for AT residential courses in the USA, Japan and the Caribbean. Her continuing education credits include, Jessica Wolf's "The Art of Breathing", John Nicholls' "The Carrington Way of Working" and Stephen Shaw's "The Art of Swimming." With a strong movement and dance background including Laban Movement Analysis (CMA), Continuum, Tai Chi and Aikido and a keen interest in the interface between Biotensegrity and the AT, Carol continues to explore a lively approach to AT teaching.

If you are participating remotely, tensegrity kits will be sent to you if you register by March 13.

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Fee: $25 per person. Group rates are available upon request.

Presented by the Balance Arts Center