We are happy to have you here at the BAC. We have found that the following guidelines make it easier for all of us to conduct our work in a professional manner. We ask that you abide by these guidelines and respect the space and the other practitioners using the space.

Quiet Hallways

In order to accommodate our quiet practitioners; we ask for quiet in our hallways. Please keep talking in the hallways to a minimum. Please make all phone calls in your rented room or in the common space. Please monitor the sound of  your own students and clients. The hallways may not be used as a reception area. If you have a workshop and are checking in participants; this must be done in the common area or in your rental room. You are welcome to ask people to be quiet in the hallways if they are too loud.

Shoe Policy

Please ask clients to take their shoes off before entering into the rental studios. You are welcome to bring studio shoes that are worn only indoors.  

Outdoor shoes may be worn in the hallways, restrooms and common area.

Use the shoe racks provided to keep the hallway floors free and safe.

  • If outdoor shoes are taken into the rehearsal studios, you may be billed an automatic clean up fee of $25 at the discretion of the BAC

Rental Space Turnover

The BAC rents by the hour and half hour with a 60 minute minimum.

Set-up and break-down are to be included within the rental time.

Please be respectful of others by leaving your space by the end of your booking (either on the hour or half hour). Renters are welcome to knock on the door of their scheduled space at the start of their rental hour/half hour.

  • If you occupy your rental 10 minutes over the time you have booked, you will be automatically billed for the full 30 minutes

Cancellation Policy

There is a 24-hour cancellation policy for hourly rentals. Rentals that are 6 hours or more require 7 days notice. We do require a non-refundable 25% deposit for bookings over 6 hours.


Cash, checks and major credit cards are accepted. Please make checks payable to Balance Arts Center.

No Post Dated Checks.


Fire Extinguisher is outside of the kitchen . There is a fire escape in the NW corner of the building in Room 9. Some windows are broken and cannot be opened; please check with the office before doing so.

Candles, Incense, and Massage Oils

No incense may be used at the new BAC.

Please consult with the office before using candles.

Please wipe down tables after massages. You are responsible for cleaning up any oil spills; *oils will ruin the message table covering. If oil or wax is found on the table or rug you will be responsible for any cleaning fees.

Cleaning Fee

If you leave the room dirty (meaning there is trash, food, or wax on the floor or the floor is sticky), you will be charged a $50 cleaning fee.


Renters and their clients are welcome to use the kitchen. Please wash any glasses, dishes, or tableware you or your clients use before leaving. Separate trash, paper, and plastic into appropriate recycling bins. Plastic containers must be rinsed out before placing in the recycling bin.

Lights / Fans / Heaters

Please turn off lights and fans, and unplug space heaters when you are exiting the room.

Air Conditioning

The AC is regulated by the office. Please do not open the windows when the AC is on.

Lost Items

The Balance Arts Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items. We do have a Lost & Found - ask us in the office!

Room Set-Up

Each treatment room is equipped with a table and a head cradle. Please restore the room to the configuration in which you found it.

***If a renter borrows items such as pillows, bolsters, mats, blocks, blankets, chairs or set up an additional table from a large room, the renter is required to return the items to their original location. If someone is occupying the room when you try to return them, please set them outside the door in the hallway. Do not leave food or food waste in the rental room. Please place all food and food containers in the kitchen garbage bins.

Yoga Mats

Please refold yoga mats (fold in half, then fold into thirds) and return them to the shelves or to the drawers.

Sound in the Studios

Please monitor the volume of recordings you use in your room, to ensure that fellow renters are not disturbed.

Special Set-Up Fee

If your group requires special setup such as moving a piano or clearing the space there will be a $25 fee attached to your rental fee. Please leave plants where they are.

Storing Equipment at BAC

Small equipment may be stored at the BAC if there is currently room.  Please ask before you leave anything on shelves or in cabinets.  A monthly storage fee will be assigned to you depending on the size of the equipment to be stored.


The Balance Arts Center is not responsible for injury to anyone using the space. Renters are expected to have their own liability insurance.